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Timeline 2/Event 3: The Transfer Student

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Re: Timeline 2/Event 3: The Transfer Student

Post by HoodGirl on Sun May 11, 2014 8:45 am

[As gossipy students]

As it appears, classrooms would still have that one, two, or group of people that like to listen in on other people's conversations. Most, if not all of these people are the performing arts type (show business people).

"Eeh, ain't that the girl the military enrolled on the middle school department? I heard she doesn't have even a shred of talent."

"Maybe she's smart with the science-y stuff? I heard she's from a family of robot designers."

One of the gossipy students laughed and had the slight decency of whispering her Gawd-awful remark.

"She's a bit pretty and popular with the boys so I think she's better off working as a model for painters or sculptors. She ain't dumb but I heard she's not cut out as a citizen. Someone just pulled strings so she won't be exiled."

The one on the receiving end nods in agreement. Then to wrap up the plethora of mockery, a rather shady comment slipped from one of them.

"I heard a friend's younger brother asked where wuufies are bought."

Troubled looks were shot to the one narrating this by the listener. Immediately, they hushed up. Cautious that even if they were nearly murmuring their discussions, someone might hear and judge them wrongfully. These were only rumors anyway, some may have an inkling of truth or not.

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Re: Timeline 2/Event 3: The Transfer Student

Post by Patricia Meadowhart on Sun May 11, 2014 11:18 am

"They're talking stuff about middle schoolers."

Mentioned by the black haired guy wearing a foreheadband, it seems that he wanted to make another discreet conversation.

"Heh, what non-sense! Dude, they're not even worth 'conquering'."

This brown haired guy wearing the same accessory continues to ridicule middle schooler girls but due to disagreement, the black haired guy interrupts him.

"Not really, high school students are those kinds of 'egg' with pleasant surprises."

The guy with brown hair narrows his eyes, looking suspiciously at the black haired guy.

"Dude, you and your lolicon qualities. You, indeed, have some strange qualities in mind."

The yellow guy twitches his ears about what he heard, and so he decides to butt in with their discreet conversation.

"Woah there! Speaking of strange, have you heard of this roaming person called the 'Scrap Princess'?"

The other two, narrow eyed, have their full attention towards the yellow haired guy wearing the same accessory as theirs. Replying in a simultaneous manner.

"Yeah, you talked about it last time.
"You talked about it last time."

He's crossing his arms, sign of disagreeing with the two.

"That was an anime, this is a different matter."

The way yellow haired guy tone out his voice becomes quite serious as he tells a tale to those other two...

"I just heard it from the rumors but, these people heard it from the people in charged of surveillance, they saw this strange person wearing a brown normal cap, with a brown pony-tailed hair, having a black sando top, baggy browned trousers and strapped on her back was a bag fit for an adventurer! Camera caught her sneakily picks up a piece of metal from th--"

The other two's suspicion intensifies as this brown haired guy replies.

"Dude, we respect your fandom for anime-ish stuff but dude, we are inside the classroom! Contain your org*sm for your wai--"

"I heard it from the rumors, man!"

"Princess, huh? You guys heard that our Student Council's the real deal, right? Heard she was banished from the New England for some sort of reasons?"

"You think that one's legit?"

"Yeah brutha!"

Conversation goes on as they still talk about the transfer student and her past gigs.
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Re: Timeline 2/Event 3: The Transfer Student

Post by Akari Mizuki on Sun May 11, 2014 12:32 pm

"And good luck dealing with the rumors now. That should make your life less boring."

She said laughing as she turns away from him. It was her plan all along, she made sure to be as loud as possible while not giving away any subtle hints to Kurayama.
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Re: Timeline 2/Event 3: The Transfer Student

Post by Kurayama Sora on Sun May 11, 2014 11:33 pm

"Rumors, huh?" He simply turned back to his phone and scrolled through it several times. Taking his time before he stopped on one portion of the list. He shrugged and had that smug expression on his face.

"Rumors don't matter. Given that almost everyone in this class is insignificant anyway," he said that without a beat, not even bothering to murmur, as if he didn't care if his classmates just heard him call them insignificant beings. Although he was slightly annoyed that this was the outcome that occurred.
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Re: Timeline 2/Event 3: The Transfer Student

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